Over all i am quite disappointed with my photos from a 'Taste of Digbeth' but i have selected some of the photographs to talk about as a way of learning more about photography. What works what didn't work and why. Also i will write about what i was aiming for. For me this was an exercise in using the camera in fully manual mode controlling ISO, Aperture and shutter speed to get a good exposure. Although i do this nearly always with my DSLR i always use the Fujix100s in Automatic so it was a new experience for me with this particular camera.

The first photograph 'Digbeth Bodies' i like but i think it lacks originality firstly because its someone else's art work and i have seen the photo reproduced before in my inspiration search, that said i did get inspiration from that and so decided to take it in black and white with a high contrast feel to it. I do like the different tones and the way the bodies are siloetted against the backdrop. There is also a suggested story and narrative to the photo 



The next photo was edited in photoshop with just a square crop and shows lots of pattern and texture as well as the rule of thirds. I cropped closely to maintain the focus of the patterns on the crushed cars and the figure walking past adds interest. The red hair also matched the rust on the cars which was a happy accident, i did however wait for the subject to walk into the frame.



The next portrait was taken inside the custard factory and the idea was that the white bars behind the subject made for an interesting background, the shallow depth of field however blurred the background to such an extent that it blended all together. Having said that i wanted shallow depth of field for the portrait, maybe it would have been more successful at f5.6 instead of f2.8 still i was fairly happy with the result. 



I was drawn to the leading lines and pattern in the next photo which i also thought would also look good in Black and white. The eyes are led to the subject where she is framed within the bottom two pillars of glass. The reflection on the sides of the glass now make for a pleasing composition. The big white pillar on the left hand side of the photograph is distracting for me as well as the bad crop on the carpet in the top right of the picture.


cars in a tunnel

The idea behind the next image was to take a photo that plays on even numbers for example two cars and two pillar windows. I think it works to a certain extent but then i have accidentally cropped to close in camera and failed to capture the top of the windows, this spoils the photo somewhat. i think what could have made this photo more interesting is the addition of more beautiful light, for this i would of course need to return on multiple days at different times in order to catch a more pleasing light. still the texture and pattern on the walls makes up for this in some respect.



I enjoy the perspective of the next picture, its rather steep but in black and white i love the way the light is captured and falls off gradually the closer it gets to the bottom. I think its quite interesting although my eye is drawn into the light area where there is little interest apart from the round windows. I feel its mainly to do with lines and perspective they are quite strong.




Within this photo I enjoy the texture and patterns of the brickwork and the fact that this photograph shows the Old crown pub a very old building from 1368. This is more of a documentary photo but i think a relativity ok one. I particularly like the dark moody skies caught on black and white through the use of a built in yellow filter. I also think that the green leaves wrapping around the telephone wire is an interesting aspect. I deliberately left a lot of space in the sky on this photograph, firstly to capture the dark tones of the clouds and secondly to cut out the traffic.  


Portrait with graffit

Graffiti is a prominent feature in Digbeth and i thought it a good idea to take a portrait using the artwork as a backdrop to the picture. The photo is using a shallow depth of field as well as use of space. The depth of field isn't so prominent because the subject is close to the background, i would also have to get in a lot closer with the 35mm camera for the depth of field to show up. The idea was to have a portrait with a face next to a face however the angle that i have taken this doesn't really mirror that so well, this is something to think about next time.